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SPARTA Pathways: Defining Roles in Analytics
May 20, 2021

The Analytics Association of the Philippines (AAP) and Project SPARTA are conducting a series of FREE online roadshows from April to June 2021. 

Interested participants should register in the link for each session that will be posted on Project SPARTA's Facebook page. They may also watch the events via AAP and SPARTA's Facebook pages in case they run out of Zoom slots. Those who will successfully accomplish the post-event evaluation form will be eligible to receive a Certificate of Attendance.

The first four sessions have already been conducted. Individuals who want to watch the said events should visit the following links:

Session 1: An Overview of Analytics Roles: My Role in a Data-Driven Philippines

Session 2: Data Stewards and Their Role in Data Governance

Session 3: Data Analysts: Analytics Across Functional Areas of Business

Session 4: Data Scientists: Building a Data Science Portfolio