Agusan del Norte

Butuan City is set as the gateway of Caraga Region. Strategically situated at the northeastern part of the Agusan Valley sprawling across the Agusan River, this highly urbanized City is the commercial, industrial and administrative center of the region and is known for its colorful history and culture.

From its pre-colonial past of being an international trading port, an ancient boat building site, a gold-mining settlement, then being the “Timber City of the South”, now Butuan is morphing into becoming a Smart Eco City transcending to connect and improve basic services that is people-centered, inclusive, and sustainable – an urban hub of opportunities that spurs and supports Caraga’s economic growth and development.

Butuan City subjected itself to a major transformation in order to attain the set vision of a vibrant, competitive, livable and sustainable city. This vision has been encapsulated in its Lagsik na Dakbayan campaign, a concept and a dream of the future, where citizens’ engagement is recognized, that impacts the city’s development agenda, maximizing resources to make urban and urbanizing areas more livable.

Motivated by its commitment to bring Butuan attuned to innovative technology, initiatives achieving the smart ecosystem are in the roll-out, complementing efforts among different strategic partners across sectors working together in order to establish an efficient, convenient and quality processes and services for its residents and visitors. Priority development projects are actively undertaken and rapidly expanding, focused on the placement of adequate and effective infrastructure support serving as a backbone for sustaining economic growth. With these vision-anchored strategies, Butuan lives on as a City ascending!