Getting Grounded on Analytics

Designing and Building Data Products

Essential Excel Skills for Data Preparation and Analysis

Computing in Python

SQL for Business Users

Data Management Fundamentals

Enterprise Data Governance

Dashboards and Drill-Down Analytics

Data Visualization Fundamentals

Data Visualization Using Tableau and Python

Storytelling Using Data

Data-Driven Research Fundamentals

Experimental Design and Analysis

SQL for Data Engineering

Python for Data Engineering

Advanced Data Engineering

Statistical Analysis and Modeling Using Excel

Statistical Analysis and Modeling Using SQL and Python

Data Science and Machine Learning Using Python

Deep Learning Using Python

Design Thinking for Analytics

Analytics Applications in Operations

Analytics Applications in Finance and Risk

Data Science and Analytics Project Management

Data-Driven Policy Analysis

Applied Analytics in Public Human Resource Management

Applied Analytics in Public Finance and Budgeting

Data Engineering in e-Governance Systems

Urban Planning in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Livable and Sustainable Cities in e-Governance

Data Analyst Capstone Course

Data Scientist Capstone Course

Data Associate Capstone Course

Data Engineer Capstone Course

Data Steward Capstone Course

Analytics Manager Capstone Course

F2F Training on Research Fundamentals

Training for Research