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Smarter Philippines through Data Analytics R&D, Training and Adoption

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Apply for a scholarship access and join thousands of learners in five unique learning pathways involving data.
What is Project

Project SPARTA - Smarter Philippines through Data Analytics R&D, Training and Adoption was launched in order to put in place the necessary online education, research and development mechanisms and infrastructure to not only enable the industry of data science and analytics but also to advance smart governance practices.

Specifically it aims to . . .

Train and graduate 30,000 learners in data science, analytics and related fields through online learning.
Foster a community of data science and analytics practitioners through engagement activities such as conferences, hackathons and online data challenges through the project's Smart Governance Portal.

SPARTA is an initiative made possible by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in partnership with the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) and its cooperating agencies Analytics Association of the Philippines (AAP) and Coursebank (CB).


Frequently Asked Questions


How to apply as a SPARTA Scholar?
To apply for a SPARTA scholarship, click the APPLY button at the call to action section above or view the steps at
Who are eligible to apply as a SPARTA Scholar?
You should be a Filipino citizen, permanently residing or based in the Philippines. You should at least be a senior high school student to apply for eligibility.
What is the openData portal?
The openData portal is a public platform of open datasets from Local Government Units, National Government agencies and user-uploaded datasets. The portal also offers Data Science and Analytics challenges which verified users can tackle to practice their newfound knowledge or showcase mastery of the field.
What is a Data Challenge? What is a Hackathon?

A challenge is an online event wherein all verified users of the openData portal can submit a wholistic Analytics Solution to a specific challenge. Where participants explain and demonstrate how their solutions can help solve a particular problem.

A hackathon is a publicly open offline event where teams pitch a solution from a set of problems provided by a hosting Local Government Unit. There will be three(or more) locally hosted qualifying hackthons, and the finalists on each leg will qualify for a Grand Finals.