DAP's SPARTA opens enrollment for Live Courses

Posted on 15 April 2024

The Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) opened the enrollment for Project Smarter Philippines through Data Analytics, Research & Development, Training, and Adoption (Project SPARTA) live course sessions (LCS) on April 4, 2024.

The LCS are conducted online via Zoom Communications, facilitating real-time interaction among learners, subject matter experts, and peers. This year, the sessions cover two microspecialization pathways: Operational Analytics and Data Visualization.

Donna Pamella Gonzales, the SPARTA project manager, expressed the team’s decision to reintroduce the LCS to accommodate individuals who prefer synchronous learning sessions, stating, “This year, we aim to accommodate a broader spectrum of learners, hence our selection of live sessions for our most sought-after microspecializations: Operational Analytics and Data Visualization.”

The Operational Analytics track is comprised of four courses designed to equip learners with analytical and modeling techniques to address business operational challenges, priced at PhP 2,999.

Meanwhile, participants in the Data Visualization microspecialization will gain expertise in generating compelling and actionable insights from data utilizing various visualization software and tools. This pathway offers five courses at a cost of PhP 3,999.

Learners also have the option to enroll in both microspecializations for PhP 6,995 or opt for individual courses at PhP 999 each.

Enrollment deadlines for the Operational Analytics and Data Visualization pathways are April 30, 2024, and May 20, 2024, respectively. Interested individuals can complete the enrollment form via https://bit.ly/SPARTA-Y5LCSEnrollmentForm.

Moreover, SPARTA has opened enrollment for self-paced online courses for those who prefer independent learning, which commenced in January. To enroll in these courses, please fill out https://bit.ly/SPARTAY5-EnrollmentForm.

For further information regarding the offerings, interested individuals are encouraged to visit SPARTA’s Smart Governance Portal or Linktree profile and join its Facebook Community.