SPARTA relaunches Live Course Sessions

Posted on 16 June 2023

Live Sesh Banner.png

Project Smarter Philippines through Data Analytics, Research & Development, Training, and Adoption (SPARTA) just opened the registration for its Live Course Sessions on Friday, June 16, 2023.

Now on its second run, the Live Course Sessions feature four microspecialization (MS) pathways, namely Operational Analytics, Research Methods, Public Policy and Governance, and Data Visualization, which consists of four to five courses each.

The offerings through Live Course Sessions differ from the free courses already available in Linang via learning modality.

"The live course sessions recognize the need to provide an avenue for scholars whose learning style is more compatible with a synchronous session," SPARTA project manager Donna Pamella Gonzales said.

"For this year, we aim for them to finish a whole microspecialization pathway, consisting of [four to five] courses, instead of just taking any course of their choice.

In this way, the scholars are able to acquire competencies [targeted] by the microspecialization," Gonzales continued.

Aspiring Filipino scholars can take up to two MS pathways and must fit the following criteria:

-Be registered in the SPARTA portal (;

-Be a Filipino citizen;

-Be currently residing in the Philippines, and;

-Be at least in Senior High School.

Slots are on a first-come, first-served basis and can only be secured once through the Live Course Sessions Enrollment Form ( beginning June 16.

Due to limited slots available, applications may close without prior notice once the target number of participants is reached.

Event guidelines, pre-work (if any), and Zoom meeting link/s will be sent to the provided email addresses of accepted scholars at least one day prior to the scheduled live sessions.

Live Course Sessions may be conducted over one or two days via Zoom Video Communications platform, depending on the course.

To be entitled to a course completion certificate, scholars must submit the assessment at the end of course sessions, and receive a passing score. To secure their MS pathway completion certificate, they must attend all live course session schedules for their chosen pathway and complete the assessments.

To learn more about SPARTA and its Live Course Sessions, visit the SPARTA Facebook page, join the SPARTA Facebook community, or email the learner support team at