Lack of user-friendly digital mechanisms for MSMEs in their quest to startegize product marketability

Registration: 24 Sep 2022 to 31 Oct 2022
Submission: 25 Oct 2022 to 31 Oct 2022
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LGU: Cauayan City
Themes: Regional OrganizationsBusiness and Civil SocietyClimate ChangeSustainable InfrastructureFood and SecurityEducation and Occupational Immobility
Categories: Smarter MSMEs
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The City of Cauayan is one of the first Smart Cities in the Philippines that exhibits qualities that are distinct in upholding economic confidence among other neighboring communities. While being recognized by various organizations as an entity practicing pioneering digital solutions to improve its deliveries and other options for quality living, there are still areas for development that needs to be addressed especially in employing ingenious solutions for product marketability to recover from the pandemic.

In this time when the government aligns its actions toward economic recovery, big data plays a vital role in developing innovations specifically designed to support local communities in promoting their personal yield/products/services in a way that is empowering and accessible. That is why DAP, DOST, ISU, and the LGU of Cauayan convenes their ideas to encourage experts and people of the City to help utilize data sets and transform them into innovations with a centralized mechanism to establish a digital tool to educate, empower communities, align technological accessibility, equipment affordability, and easy way to uphold business profitability. The call to spearhead innovations will be a great pitch for the LGU to help its business-minded communities recover from the pandemic, showcase its business potential, and adopt digital infrastructures for sustainable economic performance.

The following use-case statements are your guide to help you align your intention in addressing areas of this challenge:

a. How can data be transformed to provide MSMEs with a digital platform where they can market their products at a reasonable price?
b. How can data and digital infrastructure pave the way to help MSMEs organize the sector and uphold reasonable markets for their families and customers?
c. How can data and technology support MSMEs in integrating their market mechanism for regional organizations?
d. How can data be transformed to establish a digital format as support to MSMEs and their possible business ventures?
e. How will data and technology assist MSMEs in upgrading transactions to cashless with an effort to partner with reliable service providers?
f. How can data and technology improve and showcase the services offered by MSMEs and attract investors for possible expansion?
g. How can data and technology help MSMEs derive sustainable practices while venturing into business opportunities?
h. How can data be transformed into innovation to support sustainable business ventures while helping the environment?
i. How can data and technology be a good investment to boost sustainable tourism and encourage MSMEs to advocate a specific environmental cause?
j. How can data be transformed to establish a sustainable infrastructure in barangays that are user-friendly and accessible?
k. How can data be utilized to educate MSMEs in sustainable business ventures?
l. How can data and technology be sustainable innovation that advocates environmental and competitive awareness?
m. How will data help MSMEs encourage boosting agricultural productivity and transform their communities to be rice-self-sufficient?
n. How will data help the agricultural sector mechanize its farm practices to address food insecurity and determine the yield that is abundant and needs to be given importance in each community?
o. How will data be transformed into innovation that will sustainably support the sustenance of the MSME's family?
p. How can data be employed as an innovation that will help educate MSMEs in exploring other business ventures to improve occupations?
q. How can data and technology make way for MSMEs to transition to cashless transactions and prevent anomalous practices while exploring new business ventures?
r. How can data and technology develop digital platforms to house books, videos, and training collateral that is accessible for MSMEs to boost occupational capacity?"
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Annual Investment Plan of Cauayan City
Ordinance Approving the Annual Investment Plan of the City of Cauayan (1)
Ordinance Approving the Annual Investment Plan of the City of Cauayan (2)
Ordinance Approving the Annual Investment Plan of the City of Cauayan (3)
Ordinance Approving the Annual Investment Plan of the City of Cauayan (4)
Ordinance Approving the Annual Investment Plan of the City of Cauayan (5)
Executive Legislative Agenda 2017-2019
Health and Nutrition: Cause of Death per Barangay
Entrepreneurial activity per Barangay (2016-2017)
Household amenities per Barangay (2016-2017)
Nutrition Status per Barangay (2016-2017)
No. of OFWs per Barangay (2016-2017)
Tenure Status per Barangay (2016-2017)
Santa Luciana CBMS 2016
Rizal CBMS 2016
Labinab CBMS 2016
Guayabal CBMS 2016
Gagabutan CBMS 2016
Duminit CBMS 2016
Dabburab CBMS 2016
Culalabat CBMS 2016
Buena Suerte CBMS 2016
Baringin Sur CBMS 2016
Baringin Norte CBMS 2016
San Isidro CBMS 2016
San Francisco CBMS 2016
San Antonio CBMS 2016
Pinoma CBMS 2016
Nungnungan CBMS 2016
Naganacan CBMS 2016
Marabulig II CBMS 2016
Faustino CBMS 2016
Turayong CBMS 2016
Tagaran CBMS 2016
Sillawit CBMS 2016
San Fermin CBMS 2016
Nungnungan II CBMS 2016
Minante I CBMS 2016
Minante II CBMS 2016
Marabulig I CBMS 2016
District III CBMS 2016
District II CBMS 2016
District I CBMS 2016
Cabaruan CBMS 2016
Alinam CBMS 2016
Alicaocao CBMS 2016
Villa Flor CBMS 2016
Villa Conception CBMS 2016
Sinippil CBMS 2016
Santa Maria CBMS 2016
Rogus CBMS 2016
Manaoag CBMS 2016
Maligaya CBMS 2016
Linglingay CBMS 2016
Gappal CBMS 2016
Disimuray CBMS 2016
Dianao CBMS 2016
De Vera CBMS 2016
Casalatan CBMS 2016
Cabugao CBMS 2016
Buyon CBMS 2016
Baculod CBMS 2016
Villa Luna CBMS 2016
Union CBMS 2016
San Pablo CBMS 2016
San Luis CBMS 2016
Nagcampegan CBMS 2016
Mabantad CBMS 2016
Catalina CBMS 2016
Cassap Fuera CBMS 2016
Carabatan Punta CBMS 2016
Carabatan Chica CBMS 2016
Carabatan Bacarenio CBMS 2016
Bugallon CBMS 2016
Andarayan CBMS 2016
Carabatan Grande CBMS 2016
Amobocan CBMS 2016
Volume I: Land Use Plan
Volume III: Zoning Ordinance
CLUP Ph 2018
Volume II: Sectoral Analysis
Volume III: Zoning Ordinance - List of Invitees
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Kamp Cauayan
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