Citizens' lack of awareness of the city government services especially those living in the far-flung areas

Registration: 24 Sep 2022 to 31 Oct 2022
Submission: 25 Oct 2022 to 31 Oct 2022
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LGU: Cauayan City
Themes: Regional OrganizationsBusiness and Civil SocietyClimate ChangeSustainable InfrastructureFood and SecurityEducation and Occupational Immobility
Categories: Smarter Governance
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Innovative solutions are introduced everywhere to accommodate the fast dissemination of information for development. Whether policies or economic agenda, it is people’s right to have access to information and ideas on how the government plans to operate its services. In times of national emergencies like the pandemic, it is essential that credible information is best extended to communities to inform, empower, and consolidate cooperative responses exhibiting resilient actions.

While the government invested in technology to support cost-efficient deliveries of services, there are still communities that are unreachable by development. These vulnerable communities do not have easy access to power supply, nor the privilege to enjoy the information that the central communities are enjoying. Other than radios, several numbers of locales acquire mobile phones for communication and television yet, experience difficulties in signal transmission hindering them to be informed about the innovations that the government promotes. It is evident that due to this digital divide, many of these vulnerable communities are lacking the knowledge and mechanisms to adopt changes. More when national emergencies are experienced like calamities and the prevalence of infectious diseases.

That is why, it is the right time that the City of Cauayan in partnership with DAP and DOST to convene Data Analytics Experts, Academicians, Researchers, Students, and the locals of Cauayan City to meet in this Hackathon, a convening activity to work on with the LGU data sets and create innovations that will surely disseminate information to aid challenges and guide people to be resilient at all times.

The following use-case statements are your guide to help you align your intention in addressing areas of this challenge:

  1. Employing digital mechanisms for information dissemination about the LGU's services to raise regional support.
  2. Innovating solutions accessible in far-flung areas to notify authorities about armed conflict issues.
  3. The power of DSA in setting demarcation to resolve territorial disputes.
  4. Developing digital solutions to facilitate easy and fast business transactions to invite potential investors.
  5. Developing activities/programs that will empower communities to build their businesses and uphold financial freedom using available data in the LGU.
  6. Establishing a digital platform to convene Civil Societies and other development organizations to discover the economic potentials of the LGU.
  7. Utilizing data to develop innovative solutions that will notify people in the community about emerging climate threats or disastrous calamities.
  8. Making use of data to produce technological innovations that will alert people on what areas are safe to evacuate.
  9. DSA as a tool to establish climate-resilient facilities in far-flung areas.
  10. How can DSA help the LGU establish a community-based satellite station for all sustainable projects of the government?
  11. What kind of innovations can be stationed in the community that is accessible, attainable, and sustainable to help communities benefit from the services of the government?
  12. How can DSA help the LGU develop an innovation hub to incubate potentially remarkable business ideas with sustainable design?
  13. How can DSA develop an ingenious solution for the LGU to facilitate concerns of the community about pest control management and agricultural productivity to achieve food security?
  14. How can DSA assist the LGU in extending best agricultural practices to far-flung areas to improve agricultural yield and meet the demands of the market?
  15. How can DSA strengthen the agricultural confidence of the LGU to achieve food sufficiency?
  16. How can DSA help small-scale farmers and entrepreneurs avail government opportunities to boost agricultural yield?
  17. How can DSA help the LGU convene its people to adopt farm machinery?
  18. How can DSA assure that farmers will not be displaced whenever digital infrastructure is employed in the field to do agricultural activities?
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Annual Investment Plan of Cauayan City
Ordinance Approving the Annual Investment Plan of the City of Cauayan (1)
Ordinance Approving the Annual Investment Plan of the City of Cauayan (2)
Ordinance Approving the Annual Investment Plan of the City of Cauayan (3)
Ordinance Approving the Annual Investment Plan of the City of Cauayan (4)
Ordinance Approving the Annual Investment Plan of the City of Cauayan (5)
Executive Legislative Agenda 2017-2019
Health and Nutrition: Cause of Death per Barangay
Entrepreneurial activity per Barangay (2016-2017)
Household amenities per Barangay (2016-2017)
Nutrition Status per Barangay (2016-2017)
No. of OFWs per Barangay (2016-2017)
Tenure Status per Barangay (2016-2017)
Santa Luciana CBMS 2016
Rizal CBMS 2016
Labinab CBMS 2016
Guayabal CBMS 2016
Gagabutan CBMS 2016
Duminit CBMS 2016
Dabburab CBMS 2016
Culalabat CBMS 2016
Buena Suerte CBMS 2016
Baringin Sur CBMS 2016
Baringin Norte CBMS 2016
San Isidro CBMS 2016
San Francisco CBMS 2016
San Antonio CBMS 2016
Pinoma CBMS 2016
Nungnungan CBMS 2016
Naganacan CBMS 2016
Marabulig II CBMS 2016
Faustino CBMS 2016
Turayong CBMS 2016
Tagaran CBMS 2016
Sillawit CBMS 2016
San Fermin CBMS 2016
Nungnungan II CBMS 2016
Minante I CBMS 2016
Minante II CBMS 2016
Marabulig I CBMS 2016
District III CBMS 2016
District II CBMS 2016
District I CBMS 2016
Cabaruan CBMS 2016
Alinam CBMS 2016
Alicaocao CBMS 2016
Villa Flor CBMS 2016
Villa Conception CBMS 2016
Sinippil CBMS 2016
Santa Maria CBMS 2016
Rogus CBMS 2016
Manaoag CBMS 2016
Maligaya CBMS 2016
Linglingay CBMS 2016
Gappal CBMS 2016
Disimuray CBMS 2016
Dianao CBMS 2016
De Vera CBMS 2016
Casalatan CBMS 2016
Cabugao CBMS 2016
Buyon CBMS 2016
Baculod CBMS 2016
Villa Luna CBMS 2016
Union CBMS 2016
San Pablo CBMS 2016
San Luis CBMS 2016
Nagcampegan CBMS 2016
Mabantad CBMS 2016
Catalina CBMS 2016
Cassap Fuera CBMS 2016
Carabatan Punta CBMS 2016
Carabatan Chica CBMS 2016
Carabatan Bacarenio CBMS 2016
Bugallon CBMS 2016
Andarayan CBMS 2016
Carabatan Grande CBMS 2016
Amobocan CBMS 2016
Volume I: Land Use Plan
Volume III: Zoning Ordinance
CLUP Ph 2018
Volume II: Sectoral Analysis
Volume III: Zoning Ordinance - List of Invitees
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