Insufficient ICT learning skills in maneuvering digital technologies

Registration: 24 Sep 2022 to 31 Oct 2022
Submission: 25 Oct 2022 to 31 Oct 2022
Participanting Teams: 9
Submissions: 2
LGU: Cauayan City
Themes: Regional Organizations, Business and Civil Society, Climate Change, Sustainable Infrastructure, Food and Security, Education and Occupational Immobility
Categories: Smarter Governance
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Education plays a vital role in empowering communities and people who stand as key players in achieving development, especially in a period where technology is employed to influence goals positively. As the country grows and tries to achieve a cost-efficient way of serving the people, people with innovations best serve the underprivileged and bring alternatives quickly to the table. Purposively, the Philippines’ educational system was integrated and introduced the K12 with different tracks to facilitate transitions. Then, there were STEM and ICT tracks as one of the choices in determining the career path a student may want to begin with. While the prevalence of the COVID-19 pandemic extremely affected the entire nation, several job posts were transitioned to digital forms. Others learned ICT and STEM skills to compensate for the needs of a job while physical interaction is prohibited. While there is a significant number of career shift is determined, insufficient ICT skills to maneuver digital technologies are exhibited. Other platforms, revealed to be inaccessible or not friendly to users causing some formats to be unutilized, otherwise, operations remain to be conventional.

That is why, the City of Cauayan with DOST and DAP opens the opportunity for the locals, analytics experts, developers, educators, and other interested parties to enjoin developing ingenious solutions that would create a friendly and accessible platform for the LGU to be empowered through acquiring competencies. The innovation will serve as a supporting platform for the LGU to improve its services and build a professional environment for ICT-literate professionals.

The following use-case statements are your guide to help you align your intention in addressing areas of this challenge:

  1. How can DSA increase the number of skilled workers in the LGU?
  2. How are data sets relevant in upskilling individuals to pursue regional organizations?
  3. How can DSA mobilize individuals in far-flung areas to impose rule of law?
  4. How can DSA develop solutions for the LGU to invite development organizations to invest in the ICT skills of the populace?
  5. How can DSA solutions house more opportunities to decrease the exponential rate of unemployment in the city?
  6. How can DSA empower the LGU to automate its transactions and attract more business opportunities?
  7. Developing digital solutions to housing climate change advocacies for the community.
  8. The reach of DSA in developing digital solutions to rally Sustainable Development Goals.
  9. Empowering youth with analytics competencies to mobilize renewable resources and help conserve energy.
  10. How can DSA encourage the LGU especially the youth to integrate existing technologies with sustainable design?
  11. How can DSA help identify significant pointers in establishing sustainable infrastructures?
  12. How can DSA transform the LGU into a data-driven community aspiring to achieve long-term impact to boost business capabilities?
  13. The power of DSA in tracking agricultural sufficiency to address hunger and poverty.
  14. Empowering individuals with ICT skills to deploy technologies and assist communities with their agricultural needs.
  15. Upskilling individuals with analytics skills to develop accessible mobile technologies to assess food shortage among households.
  16. Empowering communities with fundamentals of ICT to operate online business opportunities.
  17. The power of DSA in assisting the populace to align their skills with digitization for greater opportunity.
  18. Bridging the gap between technology and communities to facilitate employment and economic growth.
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Annual Investment Plan of Cauayan City
Ordinance Approving the Annual Investment Plan of the City of Cauayan (1)
Ordinance Approving the Annual Investment Plan of the City of Cauayan (2)
Ordinance Approving the Annual Investment Plan of the City of Cauayan (3)
Ordinance Approving the Annual Investment Plan of the City of Cauayan (4)
Ordinance Approving the Annual Investment Plan of the City of Cauayan (5)
Executive Legislative Agenda 2017-2019
Health and Nutrition: Cause of Death per Barangay
Entrepreneurial activity per Barangay (2016-2017)
Household amenities per Barangay (2016-2017)
Nutrition Status per Barangay (2016-2017)
No. of OFWs per Barangay (2016-2017)
Tenure Status per Barangay (2016-2017)
Santa Luciana CBMS 2016
Rizal CBMS 2016
Labinab CBMS 2016
Guayabal CBMS 2016
Gagabutan CBMS 2016
Duminit CBMS 2016
Dabburab CBMS 2016
Culalabat CBMS 2016
Buena Suerte CBMS 2016
Baringin Sur CBMS 2016
Baringin Norte CBMS 2016
San Isidro CBMS 2016
San Francisco CBMS 2016
San Antonio CBMS 2016
Pinoma CBMS 2016
Nungnungan CBMS 2016
Naganacan CBMS 2016
Marabulig II CBMS 2016
Faustino CBMS 2016
Turayong CBMS 2016
Tagaran CBMS 2016
Sillawit CBMS 2016
San Fermin CBMS 2016
Nungnungan II CBMS 2016
Minante I CBMS 2016
Minante II CBMS 2016
Marabulig I CBMS 2016
District III CBMS 2016
District II CBMS 2016
District I CBMS 2016
Cabaruan CBMS 2016
Alinam CBMS 2016
Alicaocao CBMS 2016
Villa Flor CBMS 2016
Villa Conception CBMS 2016
Sinippil CBMS 2016
Santa Maria CBMS 2016
Rogus CBMS 2016
Manaoag CBMS 2016
Maligaya CBMS 2016
Linglingay CBMS 2016
Gappal CBMS 2016
Disimuray CBMS 2016
Dianao CBMS 2016
De Vera CBMS 2016
Casalatan CBMS 2016
Cabugao CBMS 2016
Buyon CBMS 2016
Baculod CBMS 2016
Villa Luna CBMS 2016
Union CBMS 2016
San Pablo CBMS 2016
San Luis CBMS 2016
Nagcampegan CBMS 2016
Mabantad CBMS 2016
Catalina CBMS 2016
Cassap Fuera CBMS 2016
Carabatan Punta CBMS 2016
Carabatan Chica CBMS 2016
Carabatan Bacarenio CBMS 2016
Bugallon CBMS 2016
Andarayan CBMS 2016
Carabatan Grande CBMS 2016
Amobocan CBMS 2016
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Volume III: Zoning Ordinance
CLUP Ph 2018
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Volume III: Zoning Ordinance - List of Invitees
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LiVAB!E: Aligning Researches to Address Local Development Priorities
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4 Sisters and a Warren
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