How can data and technology help lessening children’s vulnerability to inadequate shelter?

Registration: 15 Jul 2021 to 15 Aug 2021
Submission: 30 Jul 2021 to 15 Sep 2021
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LGU: Butuan City
Themes: Rule of Law
Categories: Presence of Informal Settlers & Private Dwellers in River banks, Esteros, Creeks and Dumpsites
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The power to organize the community in the most possible way depends on the collaborative efforts shared by the government, the presence of sufficient resources, and the people from the communities. Development can only be viewed by providing mechanisms that organize people according to their needs and the ability to aid themselves. In order to develop legislation to bring community people in place, the City of Butuan realizes the need to utilize data sets to be translated into policies that may provide solutions for housing and human settlements. In response to conflicts and undying issues of migration and displacement, the city calls for ideas to develop solutions to providing its people a conducive way of living emphasizing the need to uphold peace and order in the native land. With the impact of data analytics in transforming data into positive innovations, the LGU encourages experts, researchers, analysts, and the great potentials of the locality to take part in the development of solutions through participating in local hackathons. Submitted entries and data sets will be used in hackathons to organize a pitch project for Butuan that is contributory in providing interventions that will uphold the organization and protection of areas that provide support to the economic progress of the place.

File name
Environment_Solid Waste Management Data_2019.xlsx
Vulnerability Risk Assessment_Crops_Drought.xlsx
Vulnerability Risk Assessment_Crops_Flooding.xlsx
Vulnerability Risk Assessment_Crops_Storm Surge.xlsx
Vulnerability Risk Assessment_Livestock_Drought.xlsx
Vulnerability Risk Assessment_Livestock_Flooding.xlsx
Vulnerability Risk Assessment_Livestock_Rain-induced Landslide.xlsx
Vulnerability Risk Assessment_Livestock_Sea Level Rise.xlsx
Vulnerability Risk Assessment_Livestock_Storm Surge.xlsx
Vulnerability Risk Assessment_Crops_Rain-induced Landslide.xlsx
Vulnerability Risk Assessment_Crops_Sea Level Rise.xlsx
Vulnerability Risk Assessment_Fisheries_Rain-induced Landslide.xlsx
Vulnerability Risk Assessment_Fisheries_Storm Surge.xlsx
Vulnerability Risk Assessment_Environment_Summary Data.xlsx
Vulnerability Risk Assessment_Fisheries_Sea Level Rise.xlsx
Land Cover Map_Butuan City 2003
Land Cover Map_Butuan City 2010
Solid Waste Management Profile 2018
2021 Urban Drainage Master Plan
Drainage Line Properties
Vulnerability Risk Assessment_Population_Storm Surge.xlsx
Vulnerability Risk Assessment_Population_Erosion.xlsx
Vulnerability Risk Assessment_Population_Flooding.xlsx
Vulnerability Risk Assessment_Population_Rain-induced Landslide.xlsx
Vulnerability Risk Assessment_Population_Sea Level Rise.xlsx
Vulnerability Risk Assessment_Road & Bridges_Flooding.xlsx
Vulnerability Risk Assessment_Road & Bridges_Rain-induced Landslide.xlsx
Vulnerability Risk Assessment_Road & Bridges_Sea Level Rise.xlsx
Vulnerability Risk Assessment_Road & Bridges_Storm Surge.xlsx
Vulnerability Risk Assessment_Schools_Various Hazards.xlsx
Butuan City Tourism Master Plan 2014-2020
Active Fault Zone Hazard Map
Earthquake Induced Landslide Hazard Map
Flood Hazard Map
Ground Shaking Hazard Map
Liquefaction Hazard Map
Rain Induced Landslide Hazard Map
Soil Erosion Hazard Map
Storm Surges Hazard Map
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